jenni (f_o_n_y) wrote,


  • 08:02 guess maybe i'll wait a week or so to put my road tires back on. #
  • 09:34 i've joined my first of approximately 400 bracket competitions. hopefully my performance here will make up for my 6 losses on espn streak. #
  • 13:18 guys. i'm going to see tim howard in june. i'm pretty sure only 4 of you will know who that is. sorry. #
  • 16:09 please note that this snow isn't flakes. it looks like tiny hairs. #
  • 17:21 arrived home to find a present waiting from the @wienermobile. thanks, guys!! #
  • 19:20 we both simultaneously corrected espn on the pronunciation of 'pierre', as in south dakota. #midwestrepresent #
  • 21:02 i just sewed the word 'fuck'. i make the best stuff. #
posted for me by LoudTwitter because i'm lazy. you can also go read my blog.
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